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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Good bye party with 40+ friends 
Thank you, everyone for coming out on Sunday.  It was a wonderful farewell shin-dig! Sorry for those who couldn't make it - it was a really swell time. And thanks for all the good food, especially the BBQ! (thanks Maryann) HUGE THANKS to Charlie for organizing the whole thing and making this happen!

It's been a crazy busy few days with a friend (Peter Trotter!!!) spending the weekend while in town, Sarah and Josh's incredible wedding, getting ready for the party, experiencing the party, getting out donation letters, studying for my final training session with my MTM trainer, Skyping with same trainer, Irislee, for a two-hour session (learning so much yet again about how much I DON'T know). Who knew that leaving your home culture to embrace a new host culture with a new language, customs, social contexts, authority structures, conflict resolutions, and being vs. doing work ethics... and all of them the opposite of your home country could be slightly challenging? Well, now you know! And that hint of Canadian sarcasm I just used there... yah, that's a Canadian thing. No one else but us Canucks gets that sense of humour. 

As well, the reality of good-byes is really setting in. There have been touching emails from friends of old encouraging me and committing to pray for me - so very up-lifting. Yesterday I had a chance to swing by my old Taekwon-Do club and reunite with good friends, mentors, and life coaches! There is nothing quite like a Mike Blum flying dropkick air hug - long time no see!!!

The past twenty-four hours have been particularly emotional as I needed to face the possibility of "what if not enough funds come in? What if I can't go, or have to come home early?"  That seed of doubt can sure grow quickly if allowed to. Amazing though how quickly doubt sets in.  Was this all worth it, just to have it not happen?  But here's the thing: YE OF LITTLE FAITH!  I have had two moments now where I've completely doubted this thing will ever really happen, and on both occasions God blew me away with provision beyond expectation.  As of this afternoon, I am now at 38% of my needed finances!  A donation came in that is and was completely undeserved but God is ever so gracious.  There's nothing more humbling then seeing the generosity of God through others, directed towards you.

Tomorrow is my second last day of work at good ol' G.F. Strong. As of this posting, there are some 334 hours left on Canadian soil.  Still got lots to do.

Thanks for checking in! 

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