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~ it is always necessary... but make sure you live what you preach now!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Why did the gigantic scorpion cross the road? So I could run it over with great prejudice, that's why! One down... a bazillion to go.
Part of the 1.5km dirt road leading to my Malawian home in area 43
This picture was taken from the porch of the house, and that wall with an electric
fence on top is ours

The thought has crossed my mind...what do I do if I see such a creature in my room?  I have determined that the books I brought to read shall be used as missiles to dispatch the creature while I run for my life in search of my car key so I can drive my Toyota into the house to run it down and dead. You might say, "That's over kill," to which I shall respond, "Exactly!".

TIA - This is Africa!

1 comment:

  1. LOL Jay you're fantastic! and i agree with you. A hit and run in this situation is completely permissible! =P

    Glad you're alive and safe!