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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Final Packing

What do you take? Look at your home and its vast plethora of stuff and think, "What is actually important?"

I did that. It's incredible how the hoarder in all of starts kicking and screaming obscenities as soon as push comes to shove. "THATS MINE! ITS MY PRECIOUS! IT CAME TO ME, PRECIOUS IT DID! GH-OLOM! GH-OLOM!" .... In truth. Everything important can honestly fit into a couple very small bags.

The Legendary Wall of Fame!
Holding many of the best and worst memories of all time!
This treasure almost covers an entire wall in my room
In the midst of all this packing and fighting off of the insatiable whines of my internal hoarder something else came to me hard, and fast. "What am I bringing in my heart of hearts to this. Am I ready? Am I really able to do this? Will I even be a blessing, or instead, a bother?"  It's a lot to think on in a moment of anxiety. So I sat down for a moment to collect myself and try and be ready for tomorrow. New last minute requirements came in a fresh Email from Malawi that will have me scrambling all over Vancouver tomorrow instead of resting and enjoying my last moments with friends and family, but in the end that's not important. What's important is my heart and bringing this all, all this stuff racing around me to a place where I can let it go, and know that the One I'm trusting it all with is capable of handling it all. I'm so glad I have Someone to trust this with. "Lord Jesus take the wheel! Take it from my hands!" As an old friend so eloquently put it, "Anxiety is a waste of time. It distracts us and robs us of peace. That sucks lots..." It does suck!

Thank you Lord for your peace. That it is something that cannot be so easily shaken or taken.


This last weekend was incredible! So many heart felt 'farewells', and tearful send offs with amazing people. Youth Church Vancouver where I have served for over 5 years gave me a great send off, as did my home church, Broadway on Sunday. I will miss every one so very much!

It is imposible to put into words my gratitude and overwhelming sense of love and support shown by all of you! In the last few weeks 90.5% all required funds were raised. Enough to keep me there in Malawi until March. I have faith enough that the rest will come in soon so I can stay my projected course and be there until my pre-planed departure on April 8th six months from now.  Thank You again everyone!

Shout out to my SNAB and CR families for your love and support! You guys will be greatly missed!

I'm really not sure what else to say for the moment except that I should be asleep, but typical me... not being able to sleep well the night before a big trip. Thank you again, everyone. Thank you most of all for your prayers. They mean the most to me in the end!

Good night!


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