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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Heathrow - God save the Queen!

but no sushi?
So we have made it this fair with out mechanical failure or screaming children. WIN! The British Airways staff are a nice bunch of people. I'm hanging out in some sort or rest area. No sushi in the air port from what I have been able to find yet! YVR just has all the right restaurants in all the right places vs Heathrow. Heathrow has Giraffe, not the animal, the restaurant. The food there may be good, but I am going to be in Giraffe country for a while, so I think I will pass on trying out their menu. I've got 6 months for trying out that menu.

Heathrow Rest Area
CBC - reporter's bag

I'm glad I have these Anti Jet Lag pills. I'm hoping they work out. I'm already exhausted tired and confused as what time it is and where I am. I mean, I walked into a plane and it made noises and rumbled and then I'm in England... sounds like voodoo
to me vs Science and tech or what have you.

Any way I still have 20 minutes of free Wi-fi before Heathrow starts consuming what's left of my very dry bank account.

I miss you all and I can't wait to share with you more, but for now... Tarah! (Apparently that's a British goodbye)


  1. Thanks for the update! So Starbucks really IS taking over the world! So cool to see the CBC bag. Love you, son!

  2. Ahaha!!! I ate SO much sushi while I was back in Canada this summer. There simply is no sushi here (UK). Oh, they tell you that they sell it here, but it's not REAL sushi. I almost spat out the 'california' roll I had the misfortune to purchase at M&S the other day. I MISS SUSHI! Oh yeah, and good luck in giraffe country :)

  3. HAHA! I did find a cousin of Sushi. The only reason I was looking for Sushi was do to my inconvenient wheat allergy. I was having a hard time finding anything wheat free. Sushi is always a good bet. God has given small mercy after small mercy, again and again. That dinner was much appreciated!

    BTW if you have any gluten or special dietary needs, LET THE AIR LINE KNOW AT LEAST 48 HRS IN ADVANCE. You will save your self so much trouble. I was lucky they had rice options! :)