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Monday, 28 October 2013

A Prayed for Mantis

Sadly this has now become a missing bug poster.
If anyone sees Fred, please let me know!
There are mosquitoes to be eaten in vast quantities!

Being in malaria country is no joke. You put on your mozzy spray, wear trousers and long sleeved shirts (even in the heat), sleep under an incubator of a mosquito net with fans blowing in every direction to make it hard for them to land on you… then you still get 100 bites!

“Africa's not for sissies!” – Dave (my host, Martin's brother-in-law)

So in my ever present battle against all sorts of bites from all kinds of creatures this little fella shows up in my bath room.

What you are looking at is a 2.5” Praying Mantis… or as I like to call him, “The Jesus Bug!”  Let me explain why he has received this nick name.  One: He is praying… all the time.  Jesus prayed a lot.  Two: He has freed me from the constant agony of mosquitoes in my life; Jesus freed us from the judgement of sin and helps us out of its destruction (like MALARIA) and into new life! Three: Because Jesus gives us new life we are free. Green is often used as a colour to symbolize this - my Mantis is green.  And there you have it, my explanation to the Jesus Bug!  To keep his title he must practice resurrection, walk on water, then ascend into the heavens, and return to judge all the mosquitoes and burn them in hell for their vicious crimes against mankind!

Joking aside, this insect has been a God send and a happy companion to have running round my bathroom.  Now, to find something that eats tarantulas, that won't kill me... new prayer request!

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  1. Haha love this post!! I'm pretty sure he can walk on water!