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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


            Dehydrated, sodium soaked meat…YUM! Well, at least when it comes to beef jerky. Now, any South African reading this will say otherwise, so, in no way do I intend to offend, but…man, was 'biltong' a let down. Mind you the only biltong I had was in Malawi…it was either so dry it took four hours to chew off a nickle sized piece, or so fatty and wet you gagged on it.

            While on a hiking adventure with friends, we became lost in a mix of cloud, fog and monsoon like rains. As part of my supplies, I had part of a care package sent from home. In the package was jerky. Proper, delicious jerky!!! Without that epic Alberta beef of a pick me up, we would have lost heart and hope. If, God forbid, we had had biltong from Kipani…we would have willingly given up and waited for the hyenas to finish us off come nightfall.

             BILTONG vs BEEF JERKY…the winner is, Jerky!

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