St. Francis of Assisi

"Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary use words"
~ it is always necessary... but make sure you live what you preach now!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


          Some months back I went for a hike with some friends. Inkoma Mountian wasn’t too far from LL (Lilongwe) and we thought it would be fun, which it was. We drove there, the four of us, and two kids from the youth group we all served at. Our guide (a sheep dog) led the way. Intelligent does not do justice in description to our traveling buddy of a canine. You told her which peek you wanted to go to, and she showed you the way. You asked her where the shelter was, she’d bring you there - which was great! Except our group became two groups in a hurry, and my group got lost.

          TO ME the blame must go for this. I am not fit. I was…three years ago, but since my knee injury inhibited my fitness regime, I was simply taking care.  (Since this experience, I will be focusing on fitness again!)  Our group, now alone, had an idea of where to go…but then, rain. So much rain!!!! After which came fog, and then it was pitch black. Before we knew it, we were lost. If a sudden gust of wind hadn't cleared just enough of the fog before us, OFF the side of the mountain we would have fallen! Retracing our steps we came to a junction. Left or right. Opinions were split straight down the middle.

          In our uncertainty (and growing urgency to get off this hill, under shelter, and into fresh, dry clothes) the want for a decision was emphatic! One of us suggested that we all pray and ask God to show us left or right. We prayed, counted to three and…all three of us pointed right. Ten steps later we had found our 'missing' path home and off the mountain. We could have walked the other way and been lost for sure. What a compass God is to us both in Word (the Bible) and Spirit!

          All of this took place on a Sunday. Skipping church had been the only way for us to make this trip work. And this whole adventure, a sermon from life…I will never forget.

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