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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hyenas Next Door

Yes, you read correctly.  We had a hyena by our house a couple of weeks ago.  In Vancouver, we get coyotes, but here we get rabid stray dogs and hyenas.  I wish I could say I saw it though.  They are apparently very shy and act primarily as scavengers.  They work in small packs, but do separate to scope out opportunities for food.  I believe it was one of them on ‘food reconnaissance’ that I heard outside our wall.
Most people can think of that very distinctive cackle hyenas are known for, however, they have another call just as distinctive that was totally new to me. “Whou-p! Wh-ou-p!”  A shout call just like that.  This is how they call to each other from afar.  When I heard this at 2am I was ecstatic!  I love nature and animals and creation.  It's sweet!  It's crazy to wake up in Africa each morning to see and hear animals that previously could only be seen on the TV.  I kinda love that a baboon likes to hang out at where I go for a haircut.  In Canada, it would be a raccoon instead of a primate, which I’m sure would be just as exciting to someone who has never seen one.

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