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Monday, 18 November 2013

Let It Rain!
Dear God... Please
send more rain!
Rain, rain, please come again...the red dust is getting into everything.
Rainy season is upon us.  So I'm told anyway.  I hear it's coming, but when is the question.  When will it get here?  We have had one solid rain in Lilongwe and it was glorious.

This is how it came...

One, quiet, still night.  No moon nor stars to be seen. Nothing to light the evening sky.  Just the sense of something heavy and wet floating high above .  Waiting to, hopefully, let loose its cool cargo onto the parched ground.  Then it came.  Hard, fast, sudden like a gunshot it swept forth from the barrel of the cloud.  A thunder clap to announce the taps opening up above.  All at once it came.  Like standing in a waterfall with no end!  It was RAINING.  The best!!!  Not unlike the tropical storms we get in Vancouver when a stray weather pattern finds it way to our coast.  The difference though is have no idea how awesome rain is, till you're in a land without it.

The rainy season here gets shorter and shorter year after year. So when that rain comes... what a gift! You know what a gift it is, to see rain, walk in it. The fresh smell that follows, clean dust free air. Awesome.

In Vancouver, it's always raining.  Thank God it does!  That's why its so green there.  I have never not loved the rain in Vancouver.  I'm all about the liquid sunshine.  Many would disagree with me, and that's fine.  Good for you.  Stick to the standard distaste of the very thing that makes B.C. so beautiful. Its all good.

All kidding aside.  That was some rain!

I can't wait for the real rains to come once December hits - although I know I will be eating crow come that time because many a dirt road I currently depend on for travel (and will continue to depend on) will become very difficult to negotiate with a small Corolla. Its no 4x4, but i treat like one with the roads I travel.

Jason, Lilongwe from Home

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